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What we do

At Harbour, we have one purpose: to raise significantly the quality of the investor suitability process, customer experience and management oversight than is possible by using attitude-to-risk questionnaires alone.

We specialise in delivering improved suitability processes.

  • The Harbour investor suitability software combines intelligent questionnaire, process governance, record keeping and MI analytics
  • Design of suitability questionnaires and score systems
  • Consultancy to map discretionary fund managers’ model portfolios to Harbour’s suitability scores and profiles
Whether you are a firm comprising a single proprietor/adviser, the owner of a multi-adviser firm, a director or compliance manager of a multi-office advisory firm or the head of a network, Harbour can make a significant difference to your business by raising the quality of customer relationship and service and reducing the overheads of regulatory compliance.

What is Harbour?

The most advanced suitability assessment solution available today.

Harbour is the alternative to ATR profiling tools. It addresses the FCA Codes of Business requirements and goes far beyond simple recording of attitude-to-risk. In addition, Harbour delivers insightful management information critical to the operations and compliance within multi-adviser firms.

From the outset, Harbour sought input from innovative and professional discretionary fund management and financial planning firms.

What makes Harbour different?

Harbour’s focus on Need-For-Risk is not only relevant to growth clients – its is even more relevant to clients as they approach and enter retirement, decumulation and income drawdown. This phase is when age-related circumstances impact on drawdown at a time when sequencing risk meets market volatility and returns.

Harbour offers financial advice and planning firms an easy to use, flexible yet robust investor suitability process rated highly, in particular, by multi-adviser financial planning firms. Harbour’s unique management reporting elevates its capability way beyond a mere ATR tool.

Harbour is multi-dimensional and encompasses all the requirements for assessing objectively investor suitability, including:

Investment horizons; Return expectations; Liquidity needs; Income needs; Capacity for loss; Volatility tolerance; Inflation sensitivity; Financial sophistication; Understanding of risk.

For professional financial advice and planning firms, Harbour delivers a number of tangible advantages:

  • Elevate the customer experience and raise their perception of financial advice and planning
  • Raise the quality of client relationships and service
  • Deliver consistent suitability processes for firms and networks with multiple advisers
  • Raise the quality of compliance and consistency associated records
  • Deliver insightful management information to business owners and compliance managers that illustrate trends, risks, resource demands and business opportunities
  • Reduce time and money spent on compliance, record keeping and auditing

Harbour uses Vanguard’s LifeStrategy funds as its benchmark for investor suitability and these form the basis of its mapping to discretionary fund manager and product provider model portfolios.

Harbour is currently mapped to Parmenion Investment Management, Hawksmoor Investment Management and Thesis Asset Management model portfolios.

Size doesn’t matter

Whether you are a single proprietor/adviser, a multi-adviser firm, a multi-office advisory firm or a network with hundreds of members, you and your advisers will appreciate Harbour’s ease of use, consistency and clarity, insightful management reporting as well as its flexibility.

Harbour Adviser

Harbour Adviser

A cost effective solution for small financial planning firms that includes all of Harbour’s prime features including its client suitability questionnaire for financial planning firms, suitability profiling, adviser override, client suitability assessment report generation and online management information.

Harbour Adviser is appropriate for financial advice and planning firms with between one and four advisers.

Harbour Professional

Harbour Professional

All the features of Harbour Adviser plus white-labelling of client assessment reports and the online environment. Additional options are available for content changes to the client suitability assessment report and mapping to discretionary fund managers’ model portfolios.

Enhanced management reporting via Harbour’s Investment Suitability Oversight Management & Investor Market Insight Report that provides directors, business owners and heads of compliance with details of risk areas, adviser activity and client demographics by suitability profile, adviser, age and invested amount. Not only is this unique Harbour feature essential in driving down compliance costs, raising service and de-risking a firm’s business, it also delivers insight into client demographics contributing further towards business development and profit generation.

Harbour Professional is aimed at financial advice and planning firms comprising a team of multiple advisers.

Harbour Enterprise

Harbour Enterprise

All the features of Harbour Professional but with increased configuration features that enable Harbour to deliver a unique experience for large multi-adviser firms and adviser networks:

  • Customisable questionnaire and scoring
  • Customisable suitability profiles
  • Customised investor suitability reports
  • Integration of client portfolio data held within your back-office system for even greater compliance oversight and market insight

Whatever your size of firm, Harbour can make a significant different to your business by raising the quality of customer relationship and service and reducing the overheads of regulatory compliance.

Advisor Professional Enterprise
Private client assessment questionnaire Yes Yes Yes
Charity and Trust assessment questionnaire Optional Yes Yes
Adviser suitability profile controlled over-ride Yes Yes Yes
Firm-branded online environment No Yes Yes
Branded assessment reports No Yes Yes
Compliance Oversight & Market Insight Report No Optional Yes
Suitability report portfolio factsheet integration No Optional Optional
Firm specific suitability profile descriptors No Optional Optional
Suitability profile to model portfolio mapping No Optional Optional
Modified standard questionnaire No Optional Optional
Customised or bespoke questionnaire No No Optional
Customised management reports No No Optional
Scroll to compare features. Yes No Optional

If you and your firm wish to evolve beyond reliance on risk profiling or wish to explore the benefits of a non-psychometric, multi-dimensional and logical investor suitability solution coupled with insightful MI, then simply email or call +44 (0)1244 911 601.